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Enhance Your Beauty Career With Microblading & Eyelash Training

The LUXE Brows and Lashes Training Academy offers a two-day Microblading Training, a one-day Eyelash Extension Training, as well as a combined training focusing on both Microblading and Eyelash Extensions for a three-day course. When you attend our training academy, you will be trained on different skin types, eyebrow shapes, drawing, and calculating eyebrow symmetry. Additionally, you'll learn about different products that can be used and we have a CEO consultant that will advise you on marketing and business strategies.  The academy travels to various regions across the country and can customize personal training for you in almost any area of the country.  We have a financial consultant on staff and can offer financing for almost any situation.

Learn these intricate techniques from an industry master in Microblading and Eyelash Extensions and gain all the confidence you need to master it!  Our small class size provides a personalized touch that delivers skilled and confident artists.  We maintain a close relationship with our students and consider them business partners and have a genuine concern for their success in all aspects of their exciting future.  Our Microblading and Eyelash Extension Training programs included the most generous kits in the industry as well as consent forms, marketing advice and materials, and unlimited support.

Luxe Brows and Lashes Platinum Package includes both Microblading Training and Eyelash Extension Training, Full Deluxe Kits, and Marketing and Business Consultation.  Read below to see how you can make over six figures per year working 40 hours per week.

The average Microblading procedure takes 2 hours and costs $500 per client.  If you average just 2 clients per day for just 5 days per week, that is 20-25 hours per week and $20,000 per month gross income!

The average Eyelash Extension procedure takes 2 hours and costs $200 per client.  If you average just 2 clients per day for just 5 days per week, that is 20-25 hours per week and $8,000 per month gross income!  Additionally, every client will need fills every 2-3 weeks, which is an average of $75 per client.

Calendar of Events 2024


Gulf Shores, AL

June 28th-30th 2024

Hoover, AL Training

Decatur, AL

July 12th-14th 2024

Decatur, AL Training

Nashville, TN

July 19th-21st 2024

Eyelash Training

Auburn, AL

July 26th-28th 2024

Destin, FL

Panama City Beach, FL

August 9th-11th 2024

Biloxi, MS

New Orleans, LA

August 16th-18th 2024

"Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your path" — Proverbs 3:5-6

What You Can Expect

During your training experience, you will gain knowledge, understanding, and the confidence to perform precise and beautiful artistry. Our training is specifically designed to give you direct hands-on expert instruction. We strive to provide you with an intimate environment structured with you in mind. You will have an in-depth, comprehensive training, studying the origin of microblading & eyelash extensions, skin tones & types, color theory, hair pattern, tools, pigments, adhesives, health & safety, and much more! Unlike any other training academy, we do not simply give you a basic understanding of the business aspect of this exciting new career but rather teach you how to make revenue beyond your dreams potentially. Our goal is to help each of you individually, so you truly learn the skills you need to be successful.

What You Should Know

  • You can do this. We are the only company that offers the benefit of coming to any future training classes you have taken after taking your initial training course, and it's included at no additional cost.
  • You are not alone. Talk to us via phone, text or email whenever you need help.
  • You are making the right move. This is a rewarding and amazing industry that is growing at a rapid pace.  You will learn and grow so much. No one can take these trained skills from you.
  • You are already ahead of the game. We are here to help you find the best products and tools while saving money. Our training covers it all.
  • You are training with the right company. Industry leaders with thousands of students trained nationwide. Award-winning master instructor and team, as well as job placement opportunities.

Microblade Training

Eyelash Training

Master Instructor, Erin Butler

Erin Best of Naldwin

Erin Best of Baldwin

Master Instructor

Our master artist/instructor, Erin Butler, has been designing and creating art and beauty for over a decade. Erin invested years and her life savings in traveling all over the United States, learning from the best in the industry. Our training academy has trained hundreds of what we call business partners, not students, all over the country as we invest in the training aspect and make you succeed in your business model. Erin has direct hands-on experience in all ages, ethnicities, skin tones, and numerous techniques. Her attention to detail and perfection is unmatched, and she has been rated as one of the top instructors in the industry nationwide. Along with being an advanced master instructor in Microblading and Eyelash Extension (classic, volume, and lash lift techniques). Erin has extensive knowledge and experience in Shading, Strokes, Powder Brow, Ombre’, Nano Lines, Permanent Makeup, Eyeliner, Advanced Machine Techniques, Scar Camouflage, Natural Lip Tattooing, Scalp Pigmentation, and Areola Repigmentation.

“I believe this door is what God has opened for my life, and I have enthusiastically embraced this direction with all my soul and receive genuine joy out of helping individuals achieve their goals.”  Erin Butler.

Training Pic 1

Training Pic 2

Training Pic 3

Lash Training Dani

Training Microblading

Training Tweezers

CEO Business Consultation 

We offer a unique service like no other training academy in the industry. Our in-house CEO business consultant has 25-plus years of experience owning and operating various business models, from a single-store sole proprietor model to the Chief Operating Officer of a nationwide retail chain with over 600 locations and 2,500 employees. Additionally, he has been the CEO of multiple corporations with expertise in marketing, human resources, legal and compliance, real estate, finance and accounting, and operations. Whether you are working from home or want to open a chain of locations, he has done it all!  Consultants of his experience costs thousands of dollars, but this is included for FREE with out Platinum Package.

Financing Options

Zero Interest Credit Card  - There is a link that you may apply for a 14 month interest free credit card below(anyone may apply as it does not have to be in your name).  They will let you know within seconds if and how much you are approved and you will receive this card in the mail within 7 business days.  Payments are very low as its only 2% of your balance or $60-$80/month.

No Credit Check Payment Plans - As long as you have a credit or debit card you have a guaranteed approval and no credit check.  We can customize these plans to best fit your budget with a low down payment and 12 months interest free. Please call our finance director for more information 251-284-0452

Our Programs:

Silver Level Training—Intense 1-Day Eyelash Extension Training Session (Covering Classic, Volume, Hybrid, and Lash Lift) includes a complete deluxe kit, on-going training and support, marketing and business training, and you may attend any future class for free if you feel like you need more time or a refresher.  Contact us for pricing.

Gold Level Training—Comprehensive 2-Day Training Course In Microblading/Shading includes a complete deluxe kit, on-going training and support, marketing and business training, and you may attend any future class for free if you feel like you need more time or a refresher. Contact us for pricing.

All Inclusive Platinum Level Training—Comprehensive 3-Day Course In Both Microblading/Shading and Eyelash Extensions (Covering Classic, Volume, Hybrid, and Lash Lift). CEO Business Consultation Workshop, Marketing and Business Support, Full Deluxe Kit, and you may attend any future class for free if you feel like you need more time or a refresher. Contact us for pricing.

*We offer group discounts, private training and will pay you cash or give you a discount off training for referrals.

How to sign up:

**We require a $500 non-refundable deposit to secure your spot. We will email you an invoice from PayPal for the $500 deposit and the remaining balance is due 2 days prior to the class date (unless you choose our payment plans listed above and that process is listed there).  We do not have any prerequisites to take our classes; however, each state has different regulations to practice or no regulations at all, and that would be your responsibility.


“What an incredible training experience at Luxe Training!  I had my entire training paid for in weeks after completion and I am booked out for 2 months!”
- Ashley M

“The individual attention to detail in training was amazing and I can call anytime and get help with follow up questions and marketing ideas and ordering products for my new clients.”
- Susan P

“I would recommend Luxe Training Academy to anyone looking for a new career and it is unbelievable increase in my income and I am now able to balance my career and family.”
- Brook M

Financing Available:

0% Interest Card - Apply Today!

0 Down Personal Loans - Apply Today

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